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Outdoor Kitchens 101 - Alfresco Kitchen Pelham, NY

This is an outdoor kitchen we worked on which features all Alfresco outdoor kitchen components with the exception of an icemaker from U-line . 

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Traeger Timberline 850 Review: How I Ruined a Full Brisket

When you read through the reams of online content devoted to grilling, much of what you see will be highlighting best practices on how to ace your next bbq cook. They are certainly helpful but at times I like to take the contrarian approach, instead highlighting how I completely screwed up a cook. I feel that this approach is at times more valuable and in many cases funnier to read for beginner to intermediate outdoor cooking enthusiasts. So,on to my latest disaster...

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Outdoor Kitchen Ideas: DCS Grill Review


We recently completed an outdoor kitchen project in Bronxville, NY that featured a 36" DCS grill and various undercounter components.  I always love looking at these DCS outdoor kitchen projects when they are finished. I feel that no matter what shape the island is or what the materials are that are used, they always look amazing. I think much of that has to do with the simple, classic lines that the DCS grill offers. If  you look at pictures of the DCS grill over the years it really hasn't drastically changed save for the handle and knobs. The burners changed from their original H-Shaped burner years ago, and they have been using the same ceramic radiant and pitched grate system to minimize flare ups. 

So aside from the burners, knobs and handle, today's DCS grill is very similar to the iconic one that started the luxury grill movement years ago. 

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Outdoor Kitchen Ideas: Alfresco Grill Review


We recently completed an outdoor kitchen project in Pelham Manor, NY that featured not just one but two grills. I thought this would be an interesting outdoor island to analyze as the design was very straightforward and they were able to use a lot of products in a space that could not be considered vast.  

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Which Viking 30" Gas Range Should You Buy? - Review

A Gas Range Viking Range Review

Viking now has three different 30" gas ranges to choose from, all available in assortment of colors with varying price points. The following Viking range review will break them down and also show their ability to be featured pieces in Viking kitchen packages. 

For a general overview of Viking ranges and Viking kitchen appliance packages, see our Viking appliance guide.

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Alfa Pizza Ovens Review - 5 Reasons the Alfa Oven Slays!

At first glance, the Alfa line of ovens look exactly ovens. Most of their promotional literature shows smiling folks hanging around the wood-burning ovens while a pizza bakes away inside. They also sell a bunch of pizza-making accessories which they package together as "pizzialo kits".

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DCS Series 7 Grill Outdoor Kitchen - No Bull@)t Review!


Editors Note: This post was written by Senor Smoke who has extensively used both the DCS Series 7 and Series 9 grills. 


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A Clean Grill is a Happy Grill

I am a huge proponent in keeping my grills clean. Aside from general hygienic and aesthetic factors, a clean grill means a HEALTHY grill.

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Primo Grill Review - Searing with the Griddle Plate


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Primo Kamado - Free Shipping Deal

The Primo Kamado grill may be the best value in the entire world of outdoor cooking products. And we are shipping it for free. 

We have people who shop with us and will spend anywhere from $499 on a Weber Spirit grill, to $13,000 on a 56" Alfresco grill with refrigerated cart.

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